TV journalist Veronica De La Cruz launches a foundation in memory of her brother Eric De La Cruz.  The event is happening in Las Vegas, but I just wanted to keep you all posted.  Eric’s story didn’t end just because his life was cut short at too young an age.

This is really just a small start to what I think will be a very successful organization that will help other patients like Eric, and their families, get the financial and emotional support they need when they fall through the cracks in our health care system.  I hope people have a chance to come to the dinner and, more importantly, I hope the people of Las Vegas support the organization as it grows in the future.”  –Veronica De La Cruz


7 thoughts on “Hope for Hearts Foundation

  1. Does the foundation have a url that you’re aware of? I checked teh googles and the weloveeric site and didn’t see one…

    If you know of one, could I trouble you to email it to me? Danke.

  2. Trying to get more information. The link just goes back to her old We Love Eric website. Has she set up a current web site yet? Is there anywhere else I can get more info about this charity?

    • Hi, Joe,

      Veronica is going through some transitions right now. She just started working for NBC in New York. I’ll write her and find out the latest for you.

      Best, Melissa

    • Hi again, Joe,

      Just got an email from Veronica.

      She says they are working with one patient right now, and have already pledged a good deal of financing and time to towards his recovery. He is miraculously enough, improving! His EF has gone from 15% to 35%. He has a lot of support and is determined to survive. Hope for Hearts is waiting for their 501 c3 papers to clear processes.

      As soon as she gets settled in New York, Veronica intends to expand the foundation and help more people.

      If you have any more questions I can find out the director’s name and point you there.

      All the best, Melissa King

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