Alexa in All Her Percussive Glory

Last week I had the to-do list that wouldn’t end.  The final thing on the list was to do something I wanted to do rather than something I had to do.  What I want to do is finish some paintings of the kids that have been years in the making.    Plus, I’m certain I’ll get a big ol’ F from the Parenting Federation of the Universe if I don’t finish the one of my daughter before she graduates from college next month.

Alexa is a percussionist.  She started out on viola, but when we moved to Alabama there was not a strings program at the high school.  The band director put her in the pit, the non-battery section of percussion.  She loved it well enough to continue pursuing percussion with the university band and percussion ensemble.  The only thing she doesn’t like about it is having to occasionally crash cymbals.

In the painting all I really have left to do is unAngelina Jolie her lips.  In fairness, she was pouting in the picture I used to paint this, but she doesn’t pout that often…and her mouth is rarely closed (being my daughter). 🙂

Another painting I’m hoping will wrap up quickly is this one of my sons Sam and Tristan.

Sam and Tristan

I’ve surrounded them with important and not-so-important characters from history, literature, art, and cartoons.  If you want to drop any ideas on characters I might include, please do!   I tried to paint Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in there and it was horrible.  I have nil confidence in painting black people, but I did get Halle Berry in there from Their Eyes Were Watching God.  I LOVED that book, a great story.

Last and certainly not least is Zach.  This painting needs the most work.

Unfinished Zach

Zach is the hardest because what he loves is in constant flux.  Plus, he’ll walk by and critique me just for sport…which is funny in that way it makes me wish I had beaten children. 😉

“My head’s not that big, my bridge isn’t that wide, my hair’s not like that.”

Punk. He will not thwart me now.  I’s resigned to painting what I love about him…big head and all.

Oh and I might as well include this:

Garden of Eden

This painting is actually finished. I did it in 2006.  Adam and Eve is one of my favorite stories.  Mark Twain’s version is my favorite, and I’ve written about 5 alternate endings myself.

(That fucked up part on the snake and Eve’s head is the flash.  I’ll try to fix it later.)

And oh yeah…an Adam and Eve from the summer of 2009:

Needs Work


37 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up On Canvas

  1. Wait… Eve had bangs? And wore lipstick? And Steve had styled hair? And wore lipstick? Do the fundos know about this? And why are those phallic-looking orange leaves wiggling? Are you being subversive again?

    (I’ll never be an art critic. As a reporter I once crucified a children’s theater performance – not by children, but for children. My editor was not happy with the phone calls…)

    I do, however, like the daughter pic, lips and all. Nicely done.

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