A simple search of the word “Catholic” in Google news exposes the Church’s most profound failure:

  • Germans Lose Confidence in Catholic Church
  • California Abuse Victims Criticize Pope Benedict
  • Consequences of the Catholic Church’s Claim of Statehood
  • Abuse Charge Against Catholic Priest Roils Kenya
  • The Catholic Church is Just Like Oppression in Saudi Arabia
  • Norway’s Catholic Church Reveals New Abuse Cases

Even a news search as broad as “sex” puts the Catholic Church out front:

  • Vatican Defends Pope in latest Priest Sex Abuse Revelation
  • Priest Sex Abuse Scandal Closing in on the Pope
  • Does Celibacy Increase Sex Abuse?

The Vatican is responding with “a new transparency strategy to deal with the sex abuse crisis, planning to post a guide for lay people on the Web to explain how it deals with abuse accusations against priests.”   — The Associated Press

The “strategy,” the attempts at defending Pope Benedict, and suggestions that the Holy See will have more meetings with sex abuse victims read as the ABC’s of damage control.  Nothing will change if the church remains more concerned about the allegiance of devotees to authority than its systematic failure to protect the most vulnerable among them, children.


7 thoughts on “After the Shell Game With Perverts

  1. i have a better idea. instead of sending around the collection basket, send around a suggestion box in every church. the faithful can suggest to pope bennie what he can do with his new transparency strategery.

  2. It’s so Six Sigma…like something an image consultant would suggest.

    What it is not is a humane response to up to 5% of your holy men having a predilection for molesting children!

    149 priests account for nearly 3000 allegations just in the U.S.!

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