Tim Valentine, Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Tim Valentine has put his wildly clever wit to coining the word, hatriot.

Yes, rhymes with patriot. 🙂

He enhanced my vocabulary and pretty much cheered me up after I wrote a heavy-hearted bit on the loudmouth, mean-ass, poser patriots who call themselves the Tea Party.

He calls them Republican Tea Party Hatriots.

Yes, the people who want to bring back old, old, old fashion values like segregation and wild West justice and a Great Depression for everyone who is not them…while they collect government checks.

They wanna lock and load and <ahem> metaphorically gun down Democratic communist ideas.

Cuz after all, what is Democratic except an anagram for Comrade Tic! 😉

So, thank you, Tim!  And readers feel free to employ hatriot, hatriotic, and hatriotism for your ranting pleasure.  It deserves to catch on.


29 thoughts on “The Republican Tea Party Hatriots

  1. Frankly, I think the TeaBagger Movement will make mainstream republican politicians have to reach out to newer demographics and newer sources of revenue… for example…
    ever heard of GOPendales?

    now you have! lol… enjoy!!

    sorry i’ve been out of the loop… been wrestling this book (finally done!)

    One Love, One Hope, One Struggle,
    –Reverend Manny

    • Maybe they’ll have to get their butts handed to them a few more times before the mysterious mainstreamers emerge???

      Good to see you, Manny! 🙂

      (Boehner…not so much, literally…not so much) 😯

  2. and the opposite of a hatriotic is valentinian.

    p.s. did you hear when princess sarah called the teabaggers a “beautiful movement?” yes, the teabaggers are a b.m. 😆

  3. I’m Princess Palin and my Tea Party is for the Patriot. But really we are better suited for the idiot. If we need to count to 3, we bare the wingnuts and wee-wee. And we want to bring back the noose in the tree. So the best term for us is Hatriot!

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