Veronica De La Cruz, HuffPo

I was hoping my friend Veronica was in Paris doing something glamorous as an entertainment reporter.  Or maybe she was on a healing sabbatical mending her soul after losing her brother less than a year ago.

But no.  She is researching and continuing to look for answers to problems with American health care.  Here’s an excerpt from her latest piece at the Huffington Post:

As I sat and watched the vote take place from my perch in Paris, tears ran freely down my face. Why am I in Paris? What am I doing here?

The short answer can be found in my quest to discover just why the World Health Organization ranks France and its socialized medicine, so derided by conservatives, #1 in the world in terms of health care, and within the top 10 in life expectancy. The United States, meanwhile, slides in at an unimpressive #37 and #50, even after spending more per capita on health care than any other country. France spends less on health care, yet has had a better outcome.  How so?

That would be the short answer for my visit here. But behind that one is a longer answer which lies somewhere in my brother Eric’s dream. A dream never to be actualized, because my brother Eric died on July 4, 2009 after private insurers repeatedly denied him coverage, making it a lengthy struggle to get into a hospital and receive proper care for a heart condition that worsened. Eric died far too young. And when he died, my whole world was turned upside down.”

The article also appeared in The Herald de Paris.


6 thoughts on “A Word on Health Care Reform from Paris

    • Unreal that the those insurance industry bitches were scavenging for loopholes so they didn’t have to cover kids!

      Kathleen Sebelius has put them on notice to follow the spirit of the law…what are the chances?

  1. I was thinking about this all along– since so many countries already have universal health care, the US should not have to reinvent the wheel to figure out what works. Glean the best of successes from those who have been doing socialized medicine for years.

    One big HUGE issue is they need to get prescription meds costs under control.
    Have manufacturers bid for bulk gvmnt contracts by coming in with the lowest/best prices.

    She is pursuing a true noble cause. Also she sets a fine example of sanity & dignity, despite the loss of her brother.

  2. I constantly shake my head in wonder at how the richest nation in the world can be so callous, stupid and such an embarassment. If we had universal health coverage so many problems would be solved. Ironic that the Pilgrims left England due to religious persecution and over 400 years later the GOP that claims to be so religious are the ones who don’t want health care for all. And the Dems didn’t have to turn down single-payer health care either.

    • For me, the GOP is just completely untethered from rhyme and/or reason at this point. There’s no making sense of crazy.

      And I agree, the Democrats didn’t have to turn down single-payer, but Democrats tend to be p#$$ies. The chunk of the economy that would have been phased out could have been supplanted with Green industries. I think the nation would have been strong enough, resourceful enough to pull it off.

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