Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), Selma, Alabama, March 2009

There isn’t much humor in the world for me lately with Representative John Lewis (D-GA) being called a ni@@er by loudmouth lowlifes posing as patriots.  Can you watch Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) wipe a stranger’s spit from his face and not feel queasy?  (Honest to God, it looks like there’s a white supremacist flag in the crowd near the end of the video.)   Even a writer at Fox News (dot) com felt compelled to express his uneasiness with the volatility surrounding the health care reform debate.

The bill was so conservative.  Even the Wall Street Journal made the observation that the reform package was modeled after Mitt Romney’s Universal Health Plan in Massachusetts.  Frank Rich writes astutely in a NYT’s oped piece, The Rage is Not about Health Care. Rich notes the irrational hostility began when Obama looked poised to win the election in October 2008.  Today’s tea partiers are the people who feel like they have lost their country because a black man is at the helm.

And it’s disheartening and unreal that Republicans would not sign a civility statement. It just shows there is no inclination toward decency in the party leadership.  None.  Instead, Glenn Beck is the voice–Glenn Beck who recently set new underachieving standards for imbeciles by chastising Representative Lewis for comparing himself to Civil Rights leaders.   Lewis! the son of a sharecropper, the organizer of peaceful people in the cause of Civil Rights, an American hero who had his skull fractured by Alabama state troopers on Bloody Sunday in March of 1965–Lewis a man who has worked his whole life to make the nation fairer, striving for a more perfect Union.

The RNC would not act in the interest of America and stand with Democrats to shame the racists and vandals.  They think they need the racists, or even worse, Republicans are afraid of them.   If these tea party people will display such rancor in public, what will they do in secret?  Rich was wise to invoke the memory of the murdered civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi.


23 thoughts on “Not Worthy to Unloose Rep. Lewis’ Shoe

  1. Their names were James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner. They were murdered on June 21, 1964 by the emotional and intellectual mentors of today’s Tea Party and today’s Republican Party.

    Never forget, never forgive.

  2. should we really be surprised when the rethugs, with the help of the propaganda channel have been riling up the racist idiots for years? as if faux news was not bad enough, cnn has entered teabagging territory by hiring erick erickson. instead of trying to elevate television news to where it used to be when cnn first started, they are stooping to faux’s level in hopes of siphoning off some of their hate-filled viewers.

    • Nope, no surprise. And that was a scummy, yet dangerous, move on CNN’s part. Their new slogan can be: CNN, validating hate since 2010.

      • They could have gotten just as much of a boost by getting rid of that insufferable bore Wolf Blitzer. I think people drop dead after watching his newscasts. He sucks the life out of news. Erickson just shits on the news, covers it with so much crap nobody can ever find the real stuff. But then in a country where twenty percent of the citizenry believes the sun goes around the earth, which is only 6,000 years old according to another big percentage, the people are too goddam stupid to understand what they’re told anyway.

      • i wrote to cnn the day i saw that erickson was becoming a regular. i sent them his own quotes. of course, all i got back was a form letter saying they received the email. howard kurtz did an interview with him (not with any journalistic integrity in mind, but to try to give cnn a pass on signing him up), and erickson’s excuse was that all the stuff he said before was said as though he was just talking to some of his friends, but he realizes the error of his ways now. he never apologized for calling justice souter a goat-fucking child molester or for calling on people to beat lawmakers to a bloody pulp. he’s just sorry that people know about it. fucker.

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  4. The only thing these hateful racists jerks are worthy of doing is mailing themselves to Afghanistan and being used for target practice for the Taliban while we bring our soldiers back from the quagmire.

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