Husband Hunters
Snatch and Grab

Spring Break in Panama City Beach isn’t just a time for college students to cut loose.  No.  Local girls hit the beach parties looking for love, romance, and future husbands.  Last night, two such young ladies, Ashley and Chelsey, were beach belles at the bikini ball.  No less than 6’5″ tall, Ashley sported several new tattoos, and Chelsey eagerly showcased her friend’s body art to the drunken future accountants, doctors, and scientists of America.

First, a peace symbol on the ankle.  Then Chelsey pulls Ashley’s swimming suit top to the side so everyone can see the star on her breast. Chelsey spins Ashley half way around like a ballerina princess so everyone can see her tramp stamp of a Celtic cross.  Ashley faces forward again as Chelsey does a Vanna White-like sweep of the arm under the tattoos of two pistols on Ashley’s lower abdomen.  Chelsey then grabs the front of Ashley’s bikini bottoms and yanks down to reveal the final tat masterpiece.

Ashley pulls back, mortified,

Chill, girl!  I just got out of jail.  I’m not shaved.”


20 thoughts on “Snatch and Grab: a Spring Break Vignette

    • It’s like An Officer and a Gentleman with a crack twist. But this is much better than Saturday when the place was populated with males only. Every time someone sporting XX chromosomes ventured onto the property or out of the office door, she was descended upon. A flies on honey type thing.

      One guy was so inebriated that my mom thought he was mentally disabled and how horrible that his friends had left him on his own while they went to the clubs. Mom was shocked when he came up to her this morning talking regular IQ talk.

      • a crack twist and a butt crack twist! while i doubt you’ll be seeing many gentlemen, i suspect you might be seeing quite a few officers. i hope they don’t get sand on their donuts.

        • Oh, the Beach Police are on it. Officers confiscated a $100 plus worth of beer and liquor from a 23 year old across the street. A twenty year old was helping him unload which is a big no-no. The cops pulled into the parking lot and started checking id’s. No arrests. No tickets.

          Wonder if that load will be served at the police Christmas party.

  1. classic.I just don’t know what to say…or how to say it…other than I am so ready for warm weather.
    No.The alcohol will most likely go to the police St. Patricks day party..maybe…
    just throwin’ that out there.

    • Today’s been the warmest day, yet, but the coldest Spring Break ever here. Tomorrow should be 68 degrees. Hopefully, it feels like it.

      And of course, St. Paddy’s day.

    • Hi, dream! 🙂 I wonder if I’m harder on my own sex. But I just haven’t see much out of the ordinary with the guys. (Now, as I type, I can hear a game of beer pong going on down below.)

  2. BEER PONG?!?!? Really?Who’s winning¿ and how did my question mark get up side down.and people say I have a short attention span.So did puppet girl shave it yet?

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