h/t 0>whole>1 from whom I ganked Hitler-Britches :-)

Archdickhead Charles J. Chaput Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver (left) defends a decision to prohibit the children of a lesbian couple from attending Catholic school.

He must be relying on that Bible passage that says something like:  suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven…unless their mamas are lesbians.

Jesus was such a total hard-ass. (Mark 10 and a half)

Chapussy Chaput contends “the Church ‘does not claim’ that the children of lesbians ‘are less loved by God’.” (Think Progress)

Okay, I totally grant that disfellowshipping little children is a bazillion steps up from raping them.  So props on that front.  But WTF??

And speaking of fuck, you are TOTALLY ruining my Lent, you cocksucking, fuckety fucktards!  Who’s mean to little kids?

Christ!  That’s three in one sentence on a zero day!!!  Bitches.

Have ya’ll not seen his Holy See’s fancy shoes and clever hats?!?

Benny.  Dude.  You are totally rockin’ that popey cowboy hat.  In fact, ya look pretty damn gay.

So what’s the friggin’ problem!!!!  This is your chance to mold the little minds and impressionable hearts of the youth, and you’re just blowing it.

Look how good ya did with me.

And I know Sister Ann was an uber-lesbian.

h/t 0>w/hole>1 for the bitchin’ ad hominem in the title.


9 thoughts on “Hey, Hitler-Britches! Step Up!

  1. lying is a sin, so at least the lesbians didn’t fail on that commandment. is the diocese checking to see which parents are having affairs? masturbating (that’s still a no-no in the catholic church, isn’t it?)? how about divorcees? are their kids allowed to stay in school? are they doing background checks to make sure nobody has gotten caught stealing or murdering? you know what, maybe the best thing for those kids is getting kicked out of a school run by people who practice hate and discrimination.

  2. It all makes me sick too — and damned them to fucking hell for making you drop the F bomb repeatedly!!!
    I guess they’re proud of the sick fucks in Fulton, Mississippi right about now too … ugh

    • Slipped two more times last night. Sadz. 😦

      You know if I was a teenager, I would have sneaked. Kudos to the girl for wanting to be on the up and up. Very brave. Here the gay kids all go together like a big group date.

  3. Benedict was a bad choice for pope. Period. Reactionary, hate-filled, hitlerific, and prone to jam his foot in his mouth (a la his in-politic proclamations about Islam and such.)

    Although, Steve Stirling mentioned him briefly as the standard around which Catholicism and southern european civilization rallied in his Dies the Fire series. Which was nice.

    Still a d*ck in real life though.

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