Professional asshole Rush Limbaugh will expatriate himself and move to a country with better health care when America passes its health care reform bill.  The U.S. is 37th in world health care rankings; so, Oxycontin head is taking his act to the 36th best health care giver in the world when the HCR bill becomes law.  He says he’s moving to Costa Rica to avoid the oppression.

Kinda lame, eh?  I mean he could at least move to the 38th best, Slovenia.   That would show a little integrity.

Rush will be enjoying Universal Effing Health Care (Caja) in his new nation home.  Of course, he’ll have to pay about 10% of his income into the program.

He’ll LOVE that.  And he’ll be taxed heavily to help the poor!  Plus, the country abolished its army in 1949 and enjoys strong environmental policies.

Hahahahaha.  He’s going to peaceful, treehugger land.  Maybe they’ll make his ass a state or province or whatever they have.

Yet…the evil Quasimoto of Radio can opt for cheap private insurance, but that won’t cover his pre-existing condition…that perpetually floppy, flaccid penis problem discovered when he was busted for Viagra smuggling.

Costa Rica will know doubt greet Rush as a liberator…

Or as an old, fat tourist dude trying to get his pervy sex on in a foreign country.


28 thoughts on “Heifer of Hate Rush Limbaugh Moving to Costa Rica

  1. Rush is moving to Costa Rica to avoid the opression? – He isn’t going anywhere! – He’s going to keep his fat pimply ass right here in the good old USA where he can maintain his Oxy addiction.

    That fat pig wouldn’t last 2 minutes in Costa Rica.

    • he’s already accused everyone of misinterpreting what he said. he said that he meant that he would go to costa rica for health care, but he never said that he was moving there. once again, the poor bloviating pig is a victim, and people are putting words in his mouth. he also added that he wouldn’t move to costa rica, because the people in new zealand would be upset that he didn’t move there. 🙄 like new zealanders really want to have to hide their sheep.

      • So funny!

        I can imagine New Zealand sheep farmers breathing a big sigh of relief, as frightened Costa Ricans are forced to pray with Rush that Obama fails.

      • Someone called that yesterday before it even happened. Of course, he’d back peddle. That’s what pro liars do. 😦

      • he already left new yawk. his apartment is for sale. he got pissed off that he might have to pay more in taxes, so he went back to floriduhhhh in a huff. here are pics of the apt if you’re in the market for a place that looks like a brothel.

        • I hate being wrong. 😦

          Now I remember reading on your site this week…someone mentioned the Early Jewish Princess decor or something.

  2. There seems to be an awful lot of concern here for New Zealand sheep. Are we possibly discussing breeding the Heifer of Hate with the Sheep of New Zealand? Breeding Sheep. Has there been a breakthrough in cross-species pollination? Is the HoH to be the Mama or the Papa? What’s to keep the sheep from trampling the FatBoy? All these questions need to be given serious consideration before we turn Bouncing Booby Limbaugh loose on the sheep of New Zealand. After all, like the Enquirer used to say: Inquiring minds don’t want to deal with this shit.

    • Omg, that’s horrible! I see a story like that and can only think meth had to have something to do with it. I mean you can’t be in your right mind and answer run-of-the-mill bitching by stabbing someone in the neck with a meat thermometer. Jesus!

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