ht Jesus Saves at Citibank

Here’s the interview with Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Republicans have innovated and repackaged their favorite tool for exciting Americans: fear.   The RNCC wants to convince Americans how dangerous the Health Care Reform bill is…

Death panels, socialist government takeover, and a black guy is president, oh my!

When you can’t win an argument with ideas and persuasion, just portray your opponent as evil.  A leaked 72-page Power Point presentation shows you how…including little gems like Obama as the Joker, Pelosi as Cruella Deville.

Oh, and Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) is really dumb.


28 thoughts on “Republican Mass Freakout on Health Care

  1. I beg to differ about Ms. Bachman. She is not dumb. She is an articulate, pleasant-looking wingnut of the Right, but not dumb. A fucking idiot, yes, but dumb simply doesn’t do her justice.

    And her voice is damned annoying, almost as bad as that Palin woman’s underlying screech.

    And why are we getting this issue from script-heavy Larry King’s lightweight nonsense show? The producers didn’t bring Grayson and that woman on to have an intelligent discussion of the issue. They said, “Let’s get that Democrat firebrand Grayson on the show with that dumbass Bachman wingnut. That’ll get some ratings.”

    King gets ratings. America swirls the drain.

    We are not amused. [insert haughty sniff and growl]

  2. Rachel Maddow is paid well for her participation in Kabuki Theater.
    Them vs Us. Dem vs Rep. Cons vs Lib. Etc, ad nauseum, when what they have shared thus far is anything BUT health reform.

    But as long as we keep the people arguing over the THUGs lying and elude that the Dems are working for America, there will be no REAL health reform, but will simply be a huge give-away to an industry that offers ZERO value-added.

    People, real activists, should be asking for REAL reform (like Single payer). But, those people are ok with having a black president and the dems in charge (be damned the lies they told to get there).

    Sorry, writechic, but the fact is that both parties lie with abandon and this is nothing more than diversion from the real issue.

    • I agree the legislation doesn’t go nearly far enough to correct the flaws in our health care system. And I agree single-payer is the best way to go, but this House and Senate would never pass single-payer and that is a fact.

      I’ve read there’s at least one non-profit insurance company option in the present bill, and I don’t think that’s enough. Hopefully a public option will emerge in reconciliation. Pelosi and Reid both want it.

      I think we’ve had this conversation before about Athens as a steed and gadflies and whatnot. Sting away, what you will and where you will and as you can. Stinging me is sorta dumb…I use Deet. 😉

  3. I didn’t mean to sting you. I don’t know what you are referring to regarding Athens, etc. Must have been someone else.

    And surely to God you don’t trust Reid or Pelosi?

    The truth is that neither of these two “parties” want to change the massive profits of the health insurance companies. If they really wanted change, you’d hear more about the REAL solution, not this Bible-sized behemoth set to enrich others while making it harder for you and I to get adequate care.

    I thought you had this one down. My bad.

    carry on.

      • I’m just saying that I thought you had transcended the two party paradox. I think I misunderstood what I read here all this time or you are readily accepting the lesser of two evils.
        But you know? When dealing with evil, it is better to avoid any semblance of it (even the “lesser” one).
        On another note: Did you know that they use scorpion venom to cure cancer? Or bees for all sorts of ailments.
        Think of me as your apitherapist.
        It stings a bit, but the better good is worth it.

        • I’m sure you don’t mean to be all passive-aggressive. I’ve gotta head out now though. Talk atcha later.

    • I knew I wasn’t full of shit, B-man. It was not someone else. It was you. A search of writechic and socrates yielded it.

      (Hee, hee, hee. I’ve made a mark.)

      I’m not answering your criticism in comments. If I’m going to be backed into an apologist’s corner, it’ll be as a post because it’s too long, and I need art and vanity to make my points sufficiently.

  4. the rethugs don’t have to be embarrassed as long as there are morans who think faux news is fair and balanced. the teabaggers aren’t watching rachel’s show, and the rethugs will use her remarks just as orrin hatch has–it will be seen as a badge of honor to be dissed by her or by olbermann.

    p.s. is yertle mcconnell the ugliest man who ever lived?

      • You like that little demon, don’t you. 🙂

        That post of yours has greatness in the title. It reminds me of Denzel Washington’s line to Morgan Freeman in the film, Glory.

        …Is you an old man or is you an old woman? I forget.

        • Yeah, the little guy is so much the inner me. Or the inner me that I like to think that I am. I’m actually a nice guy. No, really, I am. I went to the prom and everything.


      • i have a question about your title:

        Is Senator Mitch McConnell Really A Frightened Old Woman, Or Is He A Fearmongering Lying Hypocrite?

        can’t he be both?

        p.s. i don’t really think he’s a woman, but i do think that he wears lacy undies under his suits.

        • It’s complicated. He is both, but the frightened old woman part doesn’t know about the fearmongering lying hypocrite part, even though both are part of the reality of the person the press identifies as Mitch McConnell. But both parts are controlled by a third part, the sleazy, ignorant, power hungry Republican part, and that part is controlled by a narcissistic demonic force which in reality is a screechy little demon about a foot tall with a serious inferiority complex. And all of that is controlled by a Democratic operative secreted in the basement of the White House where she operates a Type 3000 Marionette Control Panel.

          Which goes a long toward explaining why I love the little 😈


          There. How’s that for starting your day?

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