Ahhhh, remember when Evgeni Plushenko brought us this rockin’ piece back in ’78?  It was pre-Mtv and we were all clamoring for Wolfman Jack’s Midnight Special to run 24/7.  It seems like only last Thursday I saw those “Hot Child in the City” moves and threads on Olympic ice…wait it was last Thursday.

No offense to Nick Gilder who also brought me *Patty Smyth‘s songs.  I just finally placed Plushenko’s 70s twin.

Plushenko got himself a nice, shiny silver medal for all his hard work.  He owns the quad jump.  No one denies him.  The rest of the planet seems to know that one jump does not constitute an entire performance.

But not Plushenko!  He’s done awarded himself an Olympic Platinum medal.

Yee haw!!!  Pulled it right out of his ass he did!

Dude, even The Moscow Times thinks you’re kinda being a little bitch about this.  They called you “bitter.”

No, 0whole1, not Moscow, Idaho.

Plushenko is wearing his platinum medal on his website, “Look at me making shit up (dot) com”.  Deny he’s a dead ringer for Nick Gilder.

And my boyfriend, Evan Lysacek is butt hurt cuz Plushenko was like his idol.

Way to go douche.

*Patty rocked that trust fall near the end of the Warrior video!

6 thoughts on “Plushenko Losin’ It

  1. Nick Gilder? My ears are bleeding! In the mid-70s we had Sweeney Todd come to our high school – located not far from Plushenko’s dreary Olympic performance. This band has the CRTC’s Canadian content airtime rules to thank for any success it had. With no other choice but disco back then, is it any wonder punk was such a hit?

    • Ha! That’s right, he’s from Vancouver I think. And his band was Sweeney Todd. (Again I think.) But I was boppin along in New Orleans to this in middle school. Gilder got play. 🙂

      Much better than the BeeGees.

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