h/t WTOL

Ya know.  One minute, you’re an unassuming couple trying to get by.  We’ll call that point A.

Next, you’re retards of the week on YouTube.  Point B.

How did the nice looking man in the ambulance get from point A to point B?

Oh, he just stabbed his wife in the shoulder during a fight over the last piece of fish during dinner.

It better have been salmon, bitches.  Or friggin’ caviar.  But I’m thinkin’ not.  It was probably fish sticks.

And the Mrs., she ain’t no lady.  The hubby had cut marks up and down his arms according to WTOL in Toledo, Ohio.

What up Toledo!?!

If you cannot refrain from stabbing a spouse on grounds of morality or law, think about YouTube.  For the kids.


And a friend who actually watched this newscast explained the Chuck E. Cheese over-the-shoulder graphic appearing at the end. Pistol whip fight at Chuck E. Cheese.

Aw, yeah. World is nuts.


32 thoughts on “Fish and Filet O’Arm for Two

  1. So what’s up with Ohio? Bulldozers and banks, fish sticks and knives? Is this a plague of madness with its epicenter in Ohio, soon to spread across the country? Will bulldozers soon attack fish stick factories and banks start lending knives to borrowers? Has Alice finally fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in Ohio? Stay tuned, folks. M has Ohio in her sights!

  2. holy mackerel! oh my cod! we all know that it wasn’t really about the fish. they probably had been carping at each other all day (at least that’s the word coming down the pike). i’d betta silver dollar on it. i bet the barbs were flying just for the halibut. let’s just hope that the cops and prosecutors don’t flounder. these 2 deserve a fair herring in a court of law, no matter how crabby they might be. we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. instead, let’s stop and mullet over. let’s scallop on our reason and not go about this bass ackwards. I’ll be back later. this story has given me a terrible haddock.

  3. This whole thing puts me in mind of the Hitchcock story wherein a woman beat her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb, then served a nice lamb dinner to the detectives investigating his death. I suppose it would be more apropos if lamb were a fish. But I don’t care. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Thus am I exonerated from responsibility for aproponess.

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