Men’s Figure Skater Evan Lysacek, America’s latest Olympic gold medalist, is gonna be my 7th husband…after I’m done with Russ Feingold and Bono.

Bitchin’ performance Johnny Weir!  You were robbed.  New rules favor strength over performance.  The Bronze winner fell.  It’s “figure” skating for @#$% sake!  Falling is not graceful or artistic.

Plushenko, super athlete, but fire your choreographer.

Is it just me or is Scott Hamilton kind of a dick as a commentator?

I want the South Park guys to add a verse to the Brian Boitano song for Lysacek and Weir. 🙂


17 thoughts on “I Love Him.

    • Between Hamilton and the sports lady, it was shades of SNL’s Point and Counterpoint.

      Hamilton actually used sound fx from the 3 Stooges (Larry’s “woo, woo, woo, woo.”) to narrate a Plushenko wobble. Dick. Plus he was trashing a 16 year old who had just grown an inch and half over the last six weeks.

    • My boys and I were talking about curling last night. We’ve come to the conclusion that early Scottish women tricked their men into inventing curling by telling them how warrior-like and handsome they look using brooms. 🙂

      • Yeah, but they’re high tech brooms now. Besides, if it’s good enough for Harry Potter, it’s good enough for a manly man.

        The thing about curling is that its attractions include that it requires thought in response to changing situations (chess on ice, it’s called); it’s slow enough that you can watch the game develop; it’s got action akin to bowling* and darts or archery; and it’s got some cute wimmens.

        No, I’m not a fan of bowling. Probably a bad analogy, actually. Darts with 42 pound rocks is a better one. Did you know those stones cost $900 up to thousands of dollars? Each? That’s another attraction of curling – will the stone break? It’s kinda like NASCAR that way. 😀

  1. i love evan, too! the russian’s program sucked. he can jump, but his routine was boring. some of the young kids were amazing, and i loved the guy who could spin like the tasmanian devil. i didn’t mind scott hamilton. what really gets on my nerves is how nbc has turned the olympics into a lame reality show. just like the phony bullshit that goes on in all the reality shows currently on tv, the olympics has changed from the peaceful place where the best of the best compete with each other with respect, we now have to listen to the manufactured phony smacktalk that you hear every 2 minutes in project runway or big brother.

    the person who i’m really in awe of is dick button. i can’t believe he’s 80 years old! he looks amazing, especially after all the shit he’s been through. assaulted and beaten with a baseball bat and receiving a serious brain injury in 1978, and then a skull fracture and another brain injury in 2000. i guess all those years around ice made him keep well. see you later, i’m going to stick my face in the freezer and see if it helps.

    • Hi, Maxine. 🙂

      I actually like him too. He’s really athletic. I just like him better when he’s not awarding himself platinum medals.

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