Rachel Maddow depantses the GOP for hypocrisy.   What conservatives are clearly for is getting nothing done no matter what concessions are offered them. They have taken their ball and gone home, but they are hanging out in nice suits and haircuts for the appearance’s sake.


Goodbye, Rep. John Murtha.


15 thoughts on “Republicans Constipating Government

  1. Ironic that the Republicans who are constipating government are simultaneously crapping all over the American people. But that does fit right in with Maddow’s theme.

    • Hi, Judy!

      I liked Maddow’s presentation. It seems like a part of the national argument that needs to happen to get things moving, but she’s probably not enough (though she is awesome) to make people pay attention.

  2. if they ever get a laxative or an enema, i don’t want to be around for the aftermath. they’ve been backed up for years, and there’s no telling what might have gotten stuck up there. there’s not enough blingee in the world to make that pretty. 😯

  3. You’d think that they would know to be careful about what they ask for. The GOP are acting like a bunch of shool girls on a sleepover. They’ve been fucking around with the Ouija Board all night and now they’re surprised when doors start slamming and the floorboards start squeeking.

    • The slamming doors are caused by Fats Limbaugh bouncing around. The squeaking is Glen Beck babbling nonsense on his chalkboard. Who needs a Ouija board to bring out nightmares when we’ve got those two domestic terrorists drooling acid on the Constitution, civil liberties, and anyone who’s not white and chubby.

      • I think they’re more like Radio Rwanda (circa 1993-94) trying to incite the worst to the forefront to stomp out liberal cockroaches and political moderates. That’s how they talk anyway.

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