This post will likely end up a series of weather photos.  It’s snowing in Alabama right now!  However, my area (if you reference the map) was in a doughnut hole of no precipitation from 5 o’clock this morning when I first checked until about 10:30 a.m. CST.  Not all radars look alike so I referenced NOAA’s no precip zone against accuweather, and it was similiar.  I wondered how long it would take to close the hole or if we would magically be excluded from a snow day.

And I have my answer.  🙂

Tristan, Joe, and Adrian break from snowball fight and sledding. Thanks, boys!

Preserve Parkway, Hoover, Alabama, February 12, 2010

And Down the Mountain


Woo-hoo! I'm raising lunatics!

Two of 'em!


34 thoughts on “Weather is a Funny Thing

  1. Better you than me again.

    Now you see why the North invaded the South. It wasn’t about slaves and cotton and manufacturing. We just wanted to get warm.

  2. Why is ‘transplant surgery’ a category for this post?

    Not that you’re not entitled to categorize any old way you want… but that seems just the teeniest, tiniest, bittiest odd.

  3. you have sheep in alabama? i’m very confused. 😕 i am also very concerned. i clicked on the pic of your backyard in order to see the larger version, and i was shocked to find out that you’re in jail! 😯 i will have to reread all your former posts, this time keeping in mind your circumstances. you have to see things differently, living behind those bars.

  4. Funny how some folks confuse weather with climate.
    Weird winter here in San Diego County.
    More rain than in quite a while. El Nińo.
    The fresh water runoff would have satisfied the needs of 250,000 homes for one year. 1 million people. During a drought. Down the drain for lack of infrastructure.
    And Hannity sticks Gore’s book in a snow drift for chuckles.
    I wonder if the Dems will ever grow a pair.

  5. Just a belated fyi on this one … I cannot tell you how completely jealous I was of the snow you guys got.
    I haven’t seen it in 16 years … so, just so you know … you suck ‘n stuff …

  6. We had snow Sunday and Monday night, too. But everyone’s brains were too tired from the other snow scares to get all freaked out about it. It’s friggin’ Alaska practially. :mrgreen:

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