I only beat comedy pro Stephen Colbert to the punchline on this because I’m more princessy than him. 🙂 Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wish I had his production budget!


21 thoughts on “Colbert Does Global Warming for Dumbasses

    • High praise for a clown! You have hit the mindless shit section of the web. I exist so you can smile after drudging through all the depressing shit.

      Thank you for your visit and your comment, TOG!

  1. Hey, some of my best friends are mole people! (Damn, another lie. I don’t have friends.They’re mostly dead or too crotchety to be tolerated.)

    I would also like to dissent from Ms. Chic’s remarks. WriteChic is not a mindless shit zone. It failed many times to pass the Mindless Shit Certification test. Ms. Chic apparently is delusional if she thinks otherwise.


    • I may actually be delusional. I don’t know. See, I’m an aesthetic, and I’ve never pondered if delusional is lovely. I’ll think on it, and maybe I’ll aspire to be delusional.

      And thank you for your defense, Grumpy! 😀

      Tog just has a little sand in his urethra. It’s cool.

  2. not only are you more princessy than stephen, i think you’re even dopplerer than he is, too.

    tog paid the raisin a visit today, too, so i guess he must have googled mindless shit zone. i’m so proud! 😥

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