Dirty Jokes Thumbs Up! Dirty Spam Porn Thumbs Down!

I guess 2010 is the Year of the Goose China here at WC Press.

Chinese authorities have frightened the bejesus out of citizens with the country’s crackdown on internet and mobile phone porn.  Fearing incarceration, people have apparently ceased all sexy talk via text messages and emails.

Okay.  Freelz.  How much would it suck to live under those conditions?

According to the state run media, the anti-porn law aims to uphold the revolutionary values of China, and more than 5,000 people have been arrested for dabbling in the cyber nasties.

The Beijing News reports two high-ranking justice officials want to reassure the public that sexy texts and emails between friends are A-Okay…

Why does the Jungle Book and Kaa’s Trust in Me come to mind?

If a friend feels offended (by a pornographic message), then it is possible there is an offence, but if this friend likes it and both exchange messages, then surely there does not have to be an offence,” said Hu Yunteng, an official in charge of research at the Supreme Court.  The Beijing News

China only mostly wants to target those that distribute spammed porn messages, duh.

So just make sure the recipient of your dirty thoughts likes it or it’s 5 to 10 days in the slammer.

♪♪ China, China you very nice place!  All other countries have inferior revolutionary values. ♪♪


7 thoughts on “China Get Your Text Freak On Already

  1. First there’s ‘You Must Have Sex For China’, and now there’s this post. No wonder China is confused and confusing.

    On the one hand, ‘Have more sex’…

    On the other hand, ‘Don’t say anything sexy…’

    How is one supposed to know which hand to use?

  2. Oh…and incidentally, out there in cyber land, whoever searched “Melissa King cameltoe,” a plague of syphilis on your house, ya fucker.

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