James O’Keefe tried to play G. Gordon Liddy at Senator Landrieu’s office in broad daylight and all he got was bagged by the FBI.

Life is THIS good.

…even if it is a bit passé to call a Republican a filthy bugger.


So, 4 conservatives don costumes (two in hard hats) and skulk around the office of Senator Mary Landrieu (D sorta-LA) until they decide it’s time to get the ball rolling on the most neato political crime of the the new millenium.   They take their places, and two work up the nerve to enter the federal building as telephone men to bug her phone (allegedly).  Stan Dai as dude in the car listening to tap, Joseph Basel as fake AT&T, James O’Keefe as concerned citizen, and Robert Flanagan also as fake AT&T (the son of the acting U.S. Attorney in Louisiana’s Western District…brilliant!).

What tags do you think were on their spiffy uniforms?  Their own names?

Then busted!

This is the same James O’Keefe who played Pimpy the Douche in the farcical and savagely edited video that got Acorn stripped of its funding.

And Pimpy actually looked like a middle class white man trying to look like a pimp.

The whole dressing up business, acting out in extravagant (albeit criminal) role play, men playing boys being bad smacks of what?  Olbermann said it.  The Village People, but evil.

Acorns new avenging motto? You may have the power to bruise our heels, but we will crush your frickin’ nuts…and fruits, but mostly nuts.

Ok…awesome poll time:

updated…and you can read the FBI tellin’ it here.  Thanks, Nonnie!


17 thoughts on “Teabagger Hero O’Keefe In For Long Life of Prison Sex?

  1. i think there were only 2 in their village people telephone repairmen outfits. o’keefe was just hangin’ out in the office while surreptitiously filming his 2 buddies, flanagan and basel, in their little halloween costumes. dai was somewhere else, probably jerking himself off while thinking about his friends pulling off their little stunt. i can’t wait to see who throws the others under the bus first. the little weenies are probably shittin’ their drawers just thinking about going to prison. 😆

    • Hee, hee, hee. I’ve read 6+ versions of this story as details leaked out. I extrapolated from the federal charge to get the thing finished. Call me fixed news. I can take it. 😉

      You know these turds don’t have a clue about The Prisoner’s Dilemma.

      I’d like popcorn, a large coke, and a cushy seat behind a one-way window to watch these losers turn on each other.

      • get lots of popcorn, because the story’s just gonna get better and better. for example, didja know that flanagan was an intern for lamar alexander? 😆 this is gonna be fun!

        • My predictions: 1) Their defense is going to be “we didn’t know it was a felony” and “we’re young, dumb, and white.” 2) They’re going to have the book thrown at them, because it was a Senator’s office. 3) They might be able to have their separate charges run concurrently or be able to get stuck in a club fed type situation, but that’s it. 4) The links with the GOP et al are just going to be coincidental-ish, although there’s a possibility Breitbart or somebody involved in GOP propagandanews was funding them.

          One thing I’d like to know is who if anybody pays for their legal representation.

          • That young and dumb ain’t gonna fly at all. They were smart enough to buy disguises, smart enough to know the surveillance equipment, calculating enough to get in cahoots to attempt it. They may get more some favoritism, mercy whatever with Flanagan’s daddy.

            I definitely think they’ll plea rather than go in front of a jury…though I really, really, really wanna be wrong on that. O’Keefe yelling “Veritas” might tell us he is as equally imbued with hubris as he is stupidity.

    • Something along the lines of “the world loves my *ss” and “conservatives are above the law — hell, haven’t we been torturing humans left and right without nobody saying ‘boo’? — so who’s gonna do anything?”

      Something along those lines.

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