I'm a total perv magnet (and no, I don't mean you.) 🙂

I really get a kick out of what searches drive people to WriteChic Press, but sometimes it’s downright creepy.  Check it out:

  1. http://www.whores in toledo  (Why?)
  2. pee standing nude          (Okay.  Whatev.)
  3. فيكتوريا سيكرت sex                 (Arabs love the nasty.)
  4. haitian eating cat             (Ew.)
  5. do ghosts leave poop?  (Scat! credulity.)
  6. i want to punch the economy in the face            (I feel ya.)
  7. boogers and dingleberries    (You’ve come to the right place.  My humor was stunted at age 6.)
  8. camel toes de mexico     (Again, why?)
  9. menstrual stain photos  (Freaks.)
  10. treasure trail men pictures  (Thank you, Senator-Elect Scott Brown!)

Ha! Halliburton just appeared in my traffic log. Toldja the dirty pervs love me. 😉


57 thoughts on “Dirty Pervs <3 Me

  1. I am puzzled as to whether your visitor wanted to see a cat that eats the people of Haiti or a Haitian person eating feline. Perhaps I’ll search your site for the answer. 😉

  2. i’m a nut magnet

    that is probably worse then a perv magnet but better then a nerd magnet

    i think

    at least things stay exciting

    • Prob just want to find out what you know about Operation Ghost Poop.

      Unless “ghost poop” was the secret service’s name for Rove? Or was that “turdblossom”? I’m so easily confused.

      • Hee, hee, hee. 😀 Could be Rumsfeld, too. Kinda fits.

        Maybe it’s the Arabic letters. I looked ’em up on Google to make sure they didn’t say kill, kill, kill or something. 🙂 All things Victoria’s Secret came up. 95% of my traffic from the Middle East hits a sexy story. Maybe Victoria’s Secret is little man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s code name. Could be. 😉

  3. 😆 i love to check to see the searches that people did to find the raisin. there have been some real doozies in the past, and i almost did a post about them. i just checked, and here are some of the searches done in the last couple of days that got people to the raisin. they’re rather mild compared to some of the really filthy ones i’ve seen:

    tweetie and woodie disney
    mccain gay
    whack job
    infant tutu
    marijuana humor
    such a dick (don’t know if such was a misspelling or not)
    is it true lt gov andre bauer was on fre (was on fire? on frequent flyer miles? i just don’t know)
    gay iran

    and scariest of all….

    writechic 😯

  4. Oh, and guess what, 0whole1. Someone google searched YOU to my site. So you also have some stalker out there. And Owhole1 is pretty damn original. It’s not like there are thousands of you running around.

    • Yee-ipes.

      I took notice that the hometown of an ex-girlfriend popped up in my visitors list just the other day. Coincidence? The Shadow knows…

      BTW, 0whole1 is just shorthand for my site — 0 > w/hole > 1. Which in itself is shorthand for “less than nothing, more than everything.”

      Although somefolks thought it meant “owl hole” or “oh holy one”.

      If I had to choose between those two, though, I think I’d go with “owl hole”. There something about an “owl hole”….can’t put my finger on it…

      That is all.

      • Owl hole makes me laugh because it makes me think of an illustration from a book when I was little. It was of an owl in a tree hollow.

        I’ve read the shorthand on your banner. I think I first read too literally as Nothing is greater than everything is greater than one. I like math when it’s words and not numbers. 🙂

        • The way I figured, a “hole” is less than nothing because it’s a place where there *used* to be something, but that something was taken away; and a “whole” is greater than everything because it’s everything *plus the box that the everything came in*.

          I also do weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  5. You can even make them on CafePress! Awesome idea TW

    ‘fuck me pumps’ shows up every day as a search term for LIAC — Tara Reid — that bitch is money 😉

  6. And it could be as simple as just putting your icon picture and the title of this post on a refrigerator magnet. I’d buy it 🙂

    p.s. Cookie, RE Tara Reid, that bitch is always money, donchaknow 🙂

    • TW! I’ll hold you to it! 😀

      (I’m doing business taxes for the next couple of weeks, but I just might make something like that in my idle time.)

  7. Okay, I guess I’ll have to put my money where my mouth is, not to mention that I need to get one of Cookie’s “racial transcendence” shirts to scare the white supremacists who show up at my Open Mikes…


  8. I found you searching pervs in alabama, but it was innocent. I just found out my brother is a crossdresser or transvestite. Whatever one dresses up in the opposotie sex clothes and still likes girls. Yeh, my republican brother. I’m just relieved no skeletons are showing up on the web.

    Funny thread here.

    • Don’t even worry about it, Miegs. Male cross-dressers just generally admire women and women’s fashions. You’ll have fun stories to tell the grandkids some day. 🙂

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