This is one of the videos I’ve watched while preparing to write a post on the possible reconciliation of the House and Senate bills on Health Care Reform. I’ve written and referenced Nataline Sarkisyan before. She died while waiting for a liver transplant 2 years ago at the age of 17. Cigna Insurance had denied coverage of the transplant that doctors said gave her chance at life. After much media attention and a pr nightmare for Cigna, the company approved the operation, but it was too late.  Nataline had taken a turn for the worse and died two hours after the go ahead.

It turns out that Wendell Potter, a former Cigna executive involved in the decision-making in the girl’s case, was so profoundly affected that he quit his job and became a health care reform advocate.

Get a tissue.


13 thoughts on “Nataline Sarkisyan Family Meets Former Cigna Exec

  1. i recorded that show last night, but i missed the very last part when potter met with the family. the rest of the show was just as harrowing and demonstrated why single payer is the solution. not a perfect solution, but the best one.

    • Part of the sham of the presentation of the unreconciled hcr bills is pretending that the inherent conflict of interest insurance companies have doesn’t exist.

      Yet, eliminating the industry during a great recession could be disastrous. I think it was a piece on the Kos where I read rejection and support of the current hcr plan is divided respectively between activists who cannot compromise the immorality of citizens being sacrificed “for profit” and policy wonks who see lack of compromise as a nail in the coffin of the whole economy.

      Single payer is the best option, but not an option in the near future. I guess letting the hc system get as bad as it did (the middle class paying in for years–only to find they aren’t covered) and the industry growing into the monster it is, insured Americans would not get fair treatment (ie single payer) for a very long time.

      What politicians are essentially saying is that the insurance industry is too big to fail.

      • What politicians are essentially saying is that the insurance industry is too big to fail.

        I disagree. What they are doing is protecting their coffers. Go to OpenSecrets.org and see who gets what from whom.
        They are owned by those easily described as “too big to fail”.

        Some day, most of America will realize that these corrupt assholes (with the exception of only a small handfull) are nothing more than shills for those that direct them to brainwash us into believing they are too big too fail.

        They are simply too big to disallow the ravaging of the Pol’s campaign finances.

    • Potter saw SICKO with intention of debunking it:

      “When I saw the movie, Ill be honest: I thought it was a real good documentary. I knew from my own studies of other healthcare systems that it was an accurate portrayal of those systems and how they are able to provide universal coverage.”

      I can’t help but appreciate a story where a wretch reclaims his soul, finds he has a heart after all. It’s like a modern day Charles Dickens’ Scrooge.

  2. Get a tissue? Hell, get a box . . . or two. This clip was like a morbid Roger and Me without the comic effect. One thing is clear: health care reform must include legal redress against insurance companies whose policies result in suffering and/or death. Maybe if these jerks had to face paying multiple times the cost of treatment as a penalty for denial of service they’d think harder about their decisions. Another way to attack them through their “profit motive” (which many of us call simple GREED).

  3. Hi, you Cigna fucks. I see you are spending part of the 20% of the money you keep to read what people are saying about you. Let me get in a fuck you before you stop reading. Fuck you.

    Back to the business at hand. You wouldn’t have to spend that money on finding out what your image is if you were an honorable institution. I look forward to a day when you bloodsuckers are written out of the health care equation. Until then I hope to see you die the slow miserable death that you make available to so many of your customers.

    Have a nice day, cocksuckers. 🙂 (One of my favorite cuss words. Don’t get to use it often enough)

    Domain Name cigna.com ? (Commercial)
    IP Address 208.242.14.# (CIGNA)
    ISP Verizon Business
    Continent : North America
    Country : United States (Facts)
    State : New Jersey
    City : Voorhees
    Lat/Long : 39.8413, -74.9375 (Map)
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    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

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