Senator-Elect Scott "Treasure Trail" Brown

Tell me your eyes don’t go right down!

Meet Senator-elect Treasure Trail of Massachusetts…

….maybe the gayest state in all of America with its marriage equality, high test scores from students, and damn near 99% tax rate to help poor folks.

We few and blue looked up to ya’ll from way down yonder in Redneckistan where a mean ass Jesus reigns supreme.

You have the nice Catholic Jesus and the World Baptist Alliance Jesus for godssake!

Anyway, Scott Brown (R) defeated Martha Coakley (D) for the U.S. senate seat once occupied by Ted Kennedy.

What’s next?

Blue dog Harold Ford wins New York???

(He’s pretty, too.)

I’m thinking Wall Street soars Wednesday hoping there won’t be health care reform and will be more money funneled in their direction.

Even though it’s possible Brown won’t lay one naked finger on the current health care bill…if the House approves the Senate’s crap bill.

Howard Dean! Hold me!


20 thoughts on “Senator-Elect Treasure Trail

    • I swear to God– I’ve been racking my brain on whether or not this is unprecedented. I’m pretty sure I have a Senator Ted Kennedy in a speedo scarred on my brain, but it wasn’t posed!

      Maybe Carrie Prejean has a shot at the presidency some day after all. Geez.

      • I don’t know anything about this election. Did they make an issue out of these photos? I am just imagining the furor there would have been had it been a Democrat who had posed for these pictures. I guess it’s ok since he’s a Republican…..you know, he has family values and all. GAG.

          • Nobody made an issue of the photo. I would guess because the guy should be embarrassed. I mean, really, if you do follow down there, there’s nothing. His hand’s just not all that big that it could cover much. He looks like any other inadequate Republican who’ll get to Washington where he can overcompensate for his lack of personality and intelligence by messing with hookers or hanging out in airport men’s rooms. Like the treasure at the end of the rainbow, there’s nothing there but another proto-fascist (torture, corporatism, women belong on their knees barefoot in the kitchen) Conservative.

            I may have more to say over at Grumpy Lion today if I can stomach writing about this turn of events. I’m waiting for my coffee to kick in.

  1. Can someone, *someone* in the national media comment on THE Irony of This Pretty Brand New Century, to wit: that the T’baggers — who all act like they hate Wall Street and that feeling of powerlessness they so terribly suffer through day in and day out — have now just handed a Senate Seat to . . . Wall Street, Big Insurance, Pharma, et mal?

    Of course, the Massachusetts, let alone national, Democratic Party bears much of the blame for not hammering-away on this point.

    • Cuz teabaggers are a sham.

      But at least we have a new Meghan McCain:

      If there was a pic of my dad out there like this, I would retch until I died.

      • Oh, I realize that the core of the whole T’bag Thing is a creature of Fox, Dick Armey (whose name is NOT a joke) and a few other industry moguls.

        No, I’m talking about those self-contradicting nutters (not the overtly racist ones, the others) who wallow over to the T’bag rallies, all decked-out with the requisite beer guts, fanny-packs and frothing contempt of all those “Wall Streeters” . . . which would be the same Wall Streeters who love the likes of Dick Armey, et mal. Gad.

        • Et mal did not get past me just so you know. Wish I’d thought of it. 🙂

          When the 10 Commandments nutters gathered in Montgomery, I was under the impression a lot of them were pros. They came in RVs with homeschooled kids in tow.

          That said, how do you get people to act against their own interests? You toss out a sliver of interest bone and sell it as if it’s the biggest bone ever.

        • I want a chastity belt on this man (Brown), I want his every move watched in Washington. I don’t trust this guy. No, I’m just telling you. … This one could end with a dead intern. This one could end with a dead intern. –Glenn Blechhh

          OMG. The audio is too funny, but you may not have the stomach.

          • I’m agreeing with Glen Beck?

            Gad. I need a shower, a quick dinner, glass of red wine, a couple of Advil and to get to sleep early. Too strange a day.

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