Scott Brown, Ewww.
Dirty Boy Scott Brown

Well, look who Democrats may lose their 60 senate seat majority to.  Not only does he look great naked, but he likes money.  From the looks of the picture, you’d think the likes of Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Bob Allen, and Glenn Murphy, Jr. would be the ones busting their humps to get U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown elected.

But no-o-o-o-o-o.  It’s Wall Street.

First there’s FreedomWorks, a Wall Street front group that organized the first tea party rally.  Dick Armey, who was a corporate lobbyist for AIG, Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch during the bailout, is partly behind FreedomWorks.  Steve Forbes is chair and a major contributor.  And Frank Sands of Sands Capital Management helps.

Thanks, Nonnie!

Club for Growth is another huge Brown backer.

“Huge Brown backer” sounds dirty, doesn’t it?

The club’s donations include a $1.4 million dollar donation from one investor and $210,000-$630,000 in donations from several investors. Both groups oppose health care reform and accountability for financial institutions.

You go, Massachusetts!  You teach those Democrats a lesson!


28 thoughts on “Scott Brown: The Naked Perspective

  1. Are you Confederates casting aspersions on my great state of Massachusetts? I’ll have you know that Massachusetts ranks with any state south of the Mason-Dixon line in the degree of corruption practiced. If the naked Mr. Brown should succeed in dragging his knuckles to the Senate floor, you can be assured that he will uphold the lowest standards of any Palin-Beck Republican practicing politics today. The country should be proud that Massachusetts will have responded positively to the great number of Americans who proudly believe that tenth century politics and morality are the true future of this great country.

    (play sound here of The Lion retching)

  2. Huge brown backer….I am disturbed by the man-porn implications of such a phrase… This guy was spit out of the Bush/Cheney machine’s wheel well and these idiots want to let him brown back their state in a huge way to demonstrate their frustration with the incumbents ? The intersection of spite and stupidity will be located in Massachusetts if this corporate gigolo slithers into a seat. o.k. that’s as disturbing as the opening line. I stop now.

    • “the intersection of spite and stupidity”
      Hi, Rasta,

      Artful phrasing. Go you. Much better than my gutter talk.


      P.S. I might steal it.

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