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more about “Glenn Beck Makes Sarah Palin Look Normal“, posted with vodpod

Diving into the weird:

Beck: We have a full hour of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She’s now a Fox News contributor. And this is the first time we’ve actually sat in the same room and looked eyeball to eyeball with each other. I picked this spot because of that statue (Statue of Liberty) and what it means.

Before we start, Sarah, I wanna read to you what I wrote last night in my journal cuz it’s about you:

Sarah: Hmm. (nods)
Beck: Ahem, (beck reads)

Tomorrow I meet Sarah Palin and family for the first time. I’m actually a little nervous as she is one of the only people that I see that can possibly lead us out of where we are. I don’t know yet if she is strong enough, if she’s well enough advised or if she knows she can no longer trust anyone. I don’t know if she can lead and not lose her soul.

(Sarah looks uncomfortable.)

Another choice selection:

Beck: You have a handicap child. I have a handicap child. Um. I’m not gonna call anybody handi-capable. I think it’s insulting to everybody. Um. First of all (head nods yes), as a mom, is that made you, uh, did I just anger you?

Sarah: Uh, no for some reason I wasn’t offended. No.

Beck: Okay. Good. Um.


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