Karl Rove Volunteers for Naked X-ray. Thousands puke.

This is all the rage in airport security in the U.K.   It’s called the naked X-ray.   The Brits have blocked the use of the machine on those 18 and under fearing the images of children produced would amount to a worldwide 24/7 NAMBLA Lollapalooza online.

Fair enough.  Children should be protected.

Note to self: does this mean that security personnel and Airport X-ray techs are moral enough to prevent bombs and weapons from being sneaked on board a plan, but not moral enough to protect children from exploitation.

Just wondering.  And while I’m at it…are terrorists moral enough not to plant their weapons of choice on their underage offspring?

It draws the whole screening process into question.  The whole aim and end of security is to keep destructive materials and people off the plane.

I don’t see this flying in America, btw.  The culture is WAY too modest in spite of what you’ve heard about Paris Hilton and Tila Tequila.

Plus, we’d raise all kinds of hell about having to pay for double wide X-rays for our fat asses.

And a very special thank you to Karl Rove for helping me to lean against the idea.


11 thoughts on “Is America Ready for Dead Sexy Security?

  1. after reading your headline, i was going to say that i might not ever fly again. after seeing the image you posted, i can now say that i might not ever eat again. 😐

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