Click to see video released August 2010 by police in Toledo.
McNugget Nut Job
Give me McNuggets, or Give Me Jail Time!

When this bitch wants McNuggets, she ain’t playin’.

And neither were police in Toledo when they had to arrest 24-year-old Melodi Dushane.

Dushane flew into a McRage and punched out the drive-thru window when she learned McDonald’s was would not serve her chicken McNuggets before 10:30 in the morning.

Oh, yeah, she messed up her hand and had to be treated at Mercy St. Charles Hospital.  Then she was hauled off to Lucas County Jail…

…where incidentally my late uncle Tom spent a night in the slammer with comedian Paul Lynn.

Dushane pleaded NOT GUILTY.  Hello, they were holding out on McNuggets.

She’s been released on a “supervised recognizance bond.”

…which I think might be normal human talk for TAKE YOUR GODDAMN PROZAC!!!!

ht The Toledo Blade

Updated for posterity and shit.


21 thoughts on “Toledo Fucktard Wants McNuggets Now!!!

  1. i thought that maybe they were out of those little tubs of sauce, and she was really nuts. but, hey, they were out of mcnuggets! can you really blame the lovely ms dushane?

      • Thanks, sassicb, for your most excellent anal retentive attention to detail. 🙂 Believe me, judging from the blitz of Toledo traffic I’m getting right now, folks care.

        (It was the New Zealand Herald’s copy of the story that fucked me.)

  2. Superb title.

    Out of curiosity, was your uncle in jail *because* of Paul Lynn, or was their communal incarceration purely coincidental?

    And finally, I can’t think of Paul Lynn without hearing Templeton the Rat from Charlotte’s Web say “Crunchy”.

    • My uncle was jumped by 10 men at a wedding. He was huge and beat them all up. Paul Lynn was in for drunken disorderly conduct. (My uncle got off. 🙂 )

    • I had a school safety training session Monday where the expert talked about people who fail to learn empathy before the age of four are pretty much fucked….and fucking it up for the rest of us.

      (Great song!)

        • I always think of Trey Parker and Matt Stone when I hear the word misanthrope. (Well, and a he-who-cannot-be-named…story for yet another day.) But I’ll add you to the list. 🙂

          • I could never understand what the little freaks on South Park were saying, and they didn’t have subtitles. So I put them on my miswhatever list.

            You have a story about Voldemort? You didn’t have a relationship with him, did you, did you? C’mon, give. 🙂

            • And you missed Team America, too? Too bad for you.

              I would never submit to a demon. (I would to Ralph Fiennes dressed up like a demon though).

              End of story.

  3. wooooooow thats crazy i grew up with this girl and she was always a little crazy but damn girl over some chicken nuggets though on some real shit i mean come on now…I didnt even know anything about this either i was just watching the news online because i live in North Carolina now…but damn!

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