Praxidice's Accident by Melissa King

Just in case you’re not convinced I’m completely off my rocker, I’m offering you hard core evidence.

Behold I had dreamed a dream around Thanksgiving time, and I couldn’t shake it.

In the dream, I guess I was wandering around in a Van Gogh painting as dreamers are wont to do.  When lo, and holy fuck,  I stumbled on this scene.  The goddess Praxidice was ready to lop off the head of our poor Greek seen here flat on his ass.

And it’s a good ass, too, if I don’t say so myself.

Well, I couldn’t let killing go on no matter what the alleged wretch had done.  Having superpowers that only dreams can bestow, I thwarted the Goddess of Justice by freezing time and repositioning the both of them.  Each time, Praxidice again pursued her victim with a fury.  When she realized what I was doing, she turned the sword on herself.  So, then I had to stop her.  Trouble was all the time freezing was sapping my energy, and when I felt like I couldn’t do it one more time, I screamed, “Enough!”  And I woke up.  Everyone lived as far as I know.

It was a troubling and beautiful dream, and it’s stayed with me.  I decided a few days ago to get it out of my head and onto some canvas.  My desk is all white; so, I chose to put it on the back cupboard of my desk which faces the living room.

Unfortunately, a lot of the detailed texture is lost from camera to computer; however, the colors remained amazing (for me anyway).

A facebook friend, Garrick Gregory, gave me a title.  I thank him for that.  It was a blast to hear opinions while the painting was a work in progress.  Plus, this was a fun way to spend my time while the kids visit with their dad this week.

I’m thinking about putting my own version of Aristophanes’ description of the original human on my other desk cupboard.

And now you know how I spent half of my vacation. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Praxidice Visits with a Vengence

    • I thought about putting lighter strokes in my sky, but the scene I remembered was at night. Thanks for sharing your friends work. 🙂

    • I was looking at your UK friend’s work again. OMG, she adores Van Gogh. She uses his colors, his style of branches, she contrasts colors similarly. Her vanishing point is deeper though. Her pov is like a child’s perspective of wonder, looking up. His is a man’s perspective surveying a world he knows.

      I’ve got Starry Night hanging next to me. The light swirling in the center of the painting looks like it’s trying wildly to punch a hole in the back of the canvas. In contrast, your friend’s use of light is very directed, all business, like you’re going through a tunnel.

      Thanks again. In the words of Beavis and Butthead, “That was cool.”

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