Rove Divorces
OMG, Karl Rove is single!

Hold on to your Vicky’s Secrets, ladies!

Karl Rove is now the pastiest, viagra-poppinest, late middle-aged bachelor on the market as of last week.  A judge in Texas declared an end to the 27 year marriage of Darby Hickson and Bush’s Bagman.  This makes nuptial fail number two for Rove.  His marriage to his first wife, a Houston socialite, ended after one year.

Rove has a book coming out in March 2010 which is sure to reveal nothing.  But actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, both claim Rove was hitting on Evi.  If it was just Randy saying so, I’d say tell it to the aliens, but Mrs. Quaid at least has more credibility than Rove.

So, there you have it.  The sanctity of marriage in the shitter.


28 thoughts on “Heart to Rove

    • Oh, you have fight in you. You should visit me more. 😉

      Yes, it’s true. I’m insanely bitter. If only it was me who could be next in line to run my fingers through what’s left of Karl’s hair.

      Ok, fixin’ to puke. Can’t go on like that.

      Chicks prolly have to tell him to pee so they can follow the stream to find his winky.

    • Oh, this was easy to look up. First Karl uses his forked tongue to collect data. If the female is not emitting fearmones he moves on. However, should the approached female be receptive, Karl will then attempt to mate with her. He will place his head on her back, wind his tail around hers and attempt to join their cloacas together.

      Ahem. Dirty.

      However the female seldom permits such an uncomplicated act and she usually moves off while he is trying to mate. Thus; thwarting Karl. Karl usually only succeeds after many hours – or sometimes days – of trying.

  1. You all are rude. (And, show a lot of traits of those who dropped out of finishing school.) Karl is not nearly as disgusting as imagining Rosie O’Donnel doing the dread deed with Andrea Dworkin. (I bet they have.) How about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? They’re doing their dead level best to sodomize the entire nation. There’s some raunchy sex for you. I didn’t blame Bill for looking for greener pastures as he only had Hilary to look forward to going home to. Good Grief. I bet her pecker IS bigger than Karl’s. The ONLY good thing I can say about the man from HOPE is that he played slap and tickle with some quality chicks. I even thought Monica was sort of attractive, but, I like big butts and I cannot lie.

  2. Happy New Year, writechic. It’s going to be difficult for me to dislike you as you look a lot like Nichole Kidman.

    • Happy New Year to you, too, Davis of the Apes. Thanks for the spectacular compliment! You’ve earned the right to insult any elected liberal once unchallenged except Russ Feingold because I’m going to marry him some day. 🙂 Or Al Franken because he’s funny. (Pick Mary Landrieu…she pisses me off. Or any Blue Dog.)

    • I was sometimes. I did a Parenting report and skydived with the Golden Knights. But I liked being in charged of a whole show. It was nuttier that way. 🙂

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