ht TPM

This is the guy in the House of Representatives that just crossed over to the Republican party.

No, the video is not Griffith’s resume tape to impress the GOP with his said penchant for crushing the poor and sick and making money.

The ad is in fact the Republican take on Griffith during the 2008 election when they were trying to defeat him.  Think things are all sunshine and roses now?

Hellz to the no.

They hate him.  From RedState (dot) com:

We should now hope him be an extremely endangered Republican in a primary.  We will not fix the GOP’s problems if we keep allowing people who are not one of us to suddenly switch the letter next to their name and magically become one of us.”

They want to “pick him off” for being so chummy with Speaker Pelosi.

The only ire I’m hearing from Alabama democrats is the gnashing of contributer teeth who realize Griffith funded his campaign with their volunteered sweat and hard-earned money.  Other than that, the consensus is good riddance.


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