Because I’m 5…

Police in Plymouth, England say to be on the lookout for a balding, middle-aged, white male who is definitely a virgin.

And he has man boobs…for those of you taking this seriously.

Officers warn this weirdo wants a whiff of your backside.  The suspect is seen in this surveillance video sniffing a supermarket employee’s behind as he stacks store shelves.

GROSS!!!!!  Do you see the moves this guy has??  I think my favorite is the squat, reach, lean, and sniff  while pretending to be interested in stuff on the bottom (snicker) shelf opposite the store clerk.

The guy totally needs a comic book villain name.  Arse Bandit?  Ass Assaulter?  Bootie Breather?

Sniffy, here, has been caught on camera, not once, but twice.

Cops are treating the incidents as criminal, sexual assault even.

How enraged would you be if you caught this guy behind you???

The store clerk in the video didn’t realize what was happening, but did find it strange that the shopper was lingering so close in the aisle for so long.   The victim had suspicions and told management who pulled the tape.

Police have released the footage hoping someone can identify the suspect.


14 thoughts on “BOLO for Butt Sniffer in the UK!!

  1. geez, what kind of cologne do you buy this guy for xmas? eau de poo?

    as for names, the poop chute fruit? the heinie king? tushman? the sheik of cheek? smellary duff? oh wait, that last one is a pop singer, not a superhero. 😉

  2. LOL!!!! Damn, Melissa, I have missed your website. I now have a wireless network at home and the girls are all getting laptops for Christmas, so I won’t have to fight them for the computer anymore! YAY!!!!

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