Photo Courtesy: Pixel, CNN iReporter

Now if this juxtaposition of advertising and adoration doesn’t make your eyes bleed–

Madison 3rd Street has declared war on aesthetics and all-around good taste with their freaky-deaky window dressing.  The nontraditional Nativity scene features several faceless mannequins meant to depict Mary, Joseph, and the three wise men.

Baby Jesus looks like he was “goldfingered” or “gold membered” depending on your favorite film reference.

The Virgin Mary doesn’t look so virginal either.

She looks like she needs a cigarette, while Joseph is posed to potty.  Pfft. Why?

CNN reports several people have lodged complaints suggesting the Blessed Mother get some clothes on.

And the Madison spokespeople say that they weren’t trying to be controversial or disrespectful. Madison only wanted to reflect the artsy fartsy uniqueness of their women’s line of clothing and accessories.


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