Breaking down the Senate’s proposal:

  • Expands Medicare to include people 55 and over.
  • Worth considering that a big expansion of Medicare is better than a weak public option.
  • Insurance companies declared the Senate deal a victory for the industry.
  • Anything that isn’t single payer is a victory for the insurance companies.
  • Senate bill includes a public option trigger.
  • Expansion of Medicare may be more efficient since it doesn’t create a new bureaucracy.
  • Conyers’ original single payer bill was an expansion of Medicare.
  • Covers fewer people than the House Bill.
  • House Bill is more affordable.
  • Expanded Medicare goes into effect a few months after the bill is signed.
  • Rockefeller’s amendment requires 90% of money taken to go toward health care.  (Right now insurance companies keep 27% of the money).

It’s extremely disconcerting that people ages 54 and down are left out. All of the health care horror stories I’ve written about have been people under the age 54.

It won’t help 45-year-old Chuck here who is holding a raffle to raise money for a lung transplant:

Yes, there really is a website called http://www.newlungsforchuck.com


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