TV Guide reporter Veronica De La Cruz will speak tonight at 6 o’clock on how the current health care system failed her brother Eric.   Eric De La Cruz died while waiting for a heart transplant that was denied and delayed because he could not get insurance due to a pre-existing condition.  Despite five years of desperate attempts by his courageous mother and sister and a remarkable social media campaign that attracted thousands of supporters from all over the world and nearly a million dollars to pay his uncovered medical expenses, Eric passed away on July 4th, 2009.

Forty-four thousand Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.

Tonight, Veronica tells her brother’s story at a vigil in Times Square New York.  The event comes at a critical time in the fight for Health Care Reform.

The permit doesn’t allow open flames, but flashlights and led lights are encouraged.


6 thoughts on “HCR Vigil Tonight in Times Square

  1. i hope there’s a big crowd and a lot of people willing to share their stories. and i hope there’s lots of coverage. that’s exactly what’s needed to get health care reform passed. real people telling real horror stories so that others will realize that those people could be themselves.

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