Donald Crawford at the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

Meet Donald Crawford, the latest Parenting Fail poster boy.

Indianapolis Police arrested him November 24, 2009 after he called 911 from a strip club to report his tractor-trailer stolen and his child missing.

Huh?  Child at a strip club?  I know, weird.

Police say Crawford was actually too drunk to remember where he parked his truck with his 5-year-old boy inside. Crawford left his child unattended not only in the vehicle, but in a high crime area.

….so he could go and watch naked ladies bouncing around while getting his drink on.

Law enforcement found the boy watching cartoons in the semi with the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition.

Mom had to pick up her son and the bucket of snake crap from the jail.

Crawford is charged with public intoxication and child neglect.


8 thoughts on “Father of the Year, He Ain’t

    • Al! Do not drop off the planet. Are you starting a fresh blog or what?

      Enjoy your holiday, too! I’m on the coast and the weather was gorgeous today! A lot to be thankful for. 🙂


  1. Now that there is one fine FOTY candidate!
    I can’t say what the over/under is but I’m guessing he may just have this year’s award lock up!

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