ht High Dry Acres

Only a Southerner could make the phrase, “Crap lak ‘iss” sound like great American rhetoric.  🙂

Real men don’t hide behind bed sheets!”

“Take your hoods off!”

“Go pump some gas!”

“Like a buncha morons!”

“None a yall ever attended class at Ole Miss!  Not a one a ya!”

“This shit pisses me off.  It’s gonna be all over CBS.  Ole Miss Klan rallies.”

“They just don’t have a sense of things.” (White woman to black woman)

The anti-hate crowd overwhelms the Ku Klux Klanners in numbers.  High Dry Acres blog reports the counter protesters (black and white together) treated the Klan like a carnival freak show.

As it should be.

It happened Saturday, November 22, 2009.  The KKK objected to “From Dixie with Love” being nixed from Ole Miss Marching Band song list.  And hundreds of students and faculty showed up to let the hate group know they aren’t wanted or appreciated.

High Dry Acres has the whole story and HDA got huge props at HuffPo.


14 thoughts on “SnowWhitey and the Seven Klansmen

  1. thanks for reposting my story and video. yes, it was very interesting listening to and seeing the crowd interaction. i am glad i got to capture the environment, not just the pictures. also, the huffington post has a link to this video in a story on their front page.

  2. thanks. well, i am a southern studies grad student. that is an interdisciplinary program, but i am concentrating in their documentary studies track. so i guess i just have the soul of a journalist. i was supposed to be taking photos that day for a class, but i can’t resist taking video. if i tried to describe the stuff that was in the video to people after it happened, they wouldn’t believe it. i have a ton of video of that campus yesterday that gives an interesting context for that rally, but youtube videos are limited to 10 minutes.

    • Yep and yep. I was raised in New Orleans, college at UAB, saw America then back to Alabama. The camera was new and I hadn’t figured it all out. The video quality could be better, but I was happy with the content.

      I thought if documentary studies was your bag, you’d dig it. That was a moment. 🙂

  3. what happened? glenn beck forgot his sunscreen, so he had to wear his sheet? or did the scumbags dress up to wait for the princess sarah book tour bus?

    i hope john mccain is proud that he started this shit so that racists once again feel comfortable coming out from under their rocks.

    • But Hannity, Rush, and Beck all look quite fetching in their pointy hats, doncha think? 😉

      The crowd really shined in this. Whatever fear and terror the KKK means to inspire was completely extinguished by the spirit of the people participating in the anti-hate rally. Really cool.

    • They certainly enable it, but it was going to happen anyway, once Obama was elected.

      That said, it’d be nice for the GOP to start upbraiding, oh, I dunno, folks like what posted those racist/insurrectionist billboards in Missouri.

      • Yes, the leaders should distance themselves from the mofos, but I’d bet a bowl full of cheesy grits there were some Republicans in that anti-protester crowd.

      • an uptick in racism was inevitable, but they would not feel as comfortable coming out into the open with it (and by “they”, i mean the teabaggers as well as the kkk), if not for the red meat those on the right are waving in front of their faces, aided and abetted by faux news and hate radio, which acts as their megaphones and their cheerleaders.

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