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Former VP Candidate Sarah Palin left about a third of her Indiana book fans in a bind.

Crowds waited more than three hours at Borders in Noblesville to get a wristband for the autograph line, then another three hours to get Palin’s signature.  One thousand wristbands were given out.  With 300 people left, Palin bailed on the event.  No reasons or apologies were offered as of yet.

Fans booed her bus and chanted, “Sign our books!” as she prepared to leave.

PR FAIL!!!  Yet very princessy.


4 thoughts on “Sarah Quits Book Signing, Bails on Fans

  1. This is why the godhead should not be seen in public. When you got her Rectitude there showing the hoi polloi what she’s really like, her manna can only decrease, and her reality can only disappoint.

    Stay in the cave at Delphi! Make your nonsensical pronouncements that can be interpreted however your followers wish them to be interpreted! Only through vagueness can you be all things to all people!

    Thus endeth the lesson.

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