911 Nookie Guy
Illegal Booty Call

I guess Joshua Basso is the sort of guy who hangs outside abortion clinics trying to pick up chicks.

I mean he knows for a fact they put out.

Well, police in Florida had to arrest ol’ Josh because he wouldn’t stop calling 911 for sex.  Yes, it’s true.  You see he had used up all of his cell phone minutes, and he figured a 911 operator was his last chance for a hook-up…since his phone would only dial 911.

After 5 calls, the dispatcher sent the law after the 29-year-old.

Dude is unemployed with a rap sheet that includes theft and other crimes dating back to 2001.


10 thoughts on “911 For Nookie

    • You know, Nonnie, I’d like to hear those tapes. What sort of lines do you think he threw out? “Hey, baby, I’m using my only cell phone minutes on Yoouuu. That’s how special you are to me. You feeling that? ”

      Now I have to check youtube.

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