Okay, his name is actually pronounced Gow.

But this is the one Repubican, the House’s Olympia Snowe, the Precious who voted with Democrats to pass Health Care Reform.

The GOP is hatin’ on him big time, right now.


10 thoughts on “Republicans Have a Cao!

  1. Good for him.

    It’s amusing to me that the GOP has done all they could to turn health care into a manichean, good v evil issue, but then forgot to embrace the “good” part of the argument, and instead went all out for “evil”.

    I mean, I know that’s what they do, but still.

  2. make no mistake, this sanctimonious little asshole only voted for the health care bill, because he’s from a very democratic district, and it’s his only slim hope of every being reelected. he wanted to be a priest, and now he wants this country to be the catholic states of america. that said, i was thrilled that eric cantor and boohoo boehner probably swallowed their tongues seeing that rethuglican vote in the yea column.

    • Not only that but, from what little I’ve read on the subject, Cao’s non-whiteness has not gone unnoticed by Joe ‘Bagger.

      Which, of course, is yet another hit on the GOP’s rep, except for the people who agree, in which case — it’s good news for McCain.

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