Fort Hood shooting suspect Major Nidal Malik Hasan picked off fellow soldiers with two handguns.   Thirteen are dead.  30 people are injured.  Lt. Gen. Robert Cone explains one of the weapons was reported to be semi-automatic.  The first responder was a woman who stopped Hasan’s killing spree by shooting him.   She was specifically mentioned by Cone; however, he also praised the efforts of the base’s military and civilian police and the soldiers themselves who ripped off their own clothing to start administering first aid to the wounded immediately.

The gunman shot at a facility where unarmed military personnel were receiving medical and dental treatment.

Hasan is in stable condition.


7 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I spend a lot of time looking for stories that give readers a reason to laugh, sneer, and snicker. But nothing is funny when something this horrible happens.

  2. You are right–absolutely nothing funny about it. And we can add to the tragedy the fact that the (American) suspect has a Middle Eastern name. I can hear the bigots and wingnuts now. A sad event indeed.

    • Unfortunately, the latest “seems” to be that the shooter was motivated by religious objections to the wars in the middle east. The which is going to be be used to justify a lot of cr*p by the mouths on the right.

      My response? Tiller.

      I put “seems” in scare quotes because first reports last night were that the shooter had been killed, which turned out not to be correct.

        • I think I’ll stick with Tiller’s killer. Both he and the Fort Hood guy could be said to be religiously motivated, as opposed to McVeigh. And there’s prob some segment of the earth that would think the Fort Hood killer was justified, too.

    • Ignorance always seems the most fearless about being the loudest. Hasan was a Virginian, too. Born and raised. No religion has cornered the market on abominations, loose screws, or evil.

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