On the House floor, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) read the number of people who would die due to no health insurance coverage in Republican districts around the nation.   Grayson refused to yield time when interrupted.  Eventually, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) asked the clerk to take down the words of the congressman from Florida.  This lead to an adjournment, but Grayson was right back at it when the House reconvened.

Grayson also listed some of the names of those who died with lack of coverage.  He’s been compiling names at his website: Names of the Dead.

Here’s Grayson reading the number of uninsured dead in districts represented by the GOP:

Alabama through Florida

Florida through Ohio

Ohio through Interruption

The Congressional Budget Office reported Wednesday that the Republican Health Care plan would only help 3 million people whereas the Democratic plan extends coverage to 36 million.


2 thoughts on “Uninsured Dead in Republican Districts

  1. this is how it’s done. make it personal. i hope every dem who opposes them uses those statistics and the names of people who have died in their districts because they had no health insurance.

    • He should have named the Democratic reps (short for reprobates) in Alabama, too, and their projected dead. They are opposed to House Bill.

      Alabama is SO the GOP’s bitch.

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