Wow.  Rush Limbaugh is so remarkably stupid.  I’m sure he took enormous pleasure in calling Barack Obama “little boy” on the air Friday, but Limbaugh was SO wrong!  He was duped by a satiric web piece about a fake undergraduate thesis supposedly written by Obama while at Columbia.  It’s easy to see how Limbaugh missed the joke.  It was marked SATIRE at the bottom of the post.

Here’s an excerpt of Limbaugh huffin’ and puffin’:

He doesn’t like the Constitution.  I’ve said it over and over again.  And now hear his own words, ‘The Constitution allows for many things.  What it does not allow is most revealing the so-called founders…’  This is his uh, thesis, his college thesis at Columbia.  ‘The so-called founders did not allow for economic freedom.   (Limbaugh continues quoting fake thesis, huffs and puffs…then)   The Constitution is the most liberty promoting and freedom acknowledging document in the history of the world and this little boy in college writhing about it with utter disdain and he still shares those same feelings.”

Limbaugh is a dumbass.  Can I get an Amen?

Limbaugh is a dumbass. Can I get an Amen?

Obama’s for real thesis at Columbia was on reversing the arms race between the U.S. and U.S.S.R.


2 thoughts on “Unicorn and Rainbow Powers Stupify Limbaugh

  1. Yeah….so if diminutive insults are a’ight by Rush, can I start calling him “Fatty”? “Li’l Chubby”? “Mrs. Limbaugh’s little fat kid”? Just wonderin’.

    • Well, “boy” is beloved term for black folks by racists everywhere. I’d think if you wanna go harder than that, it’s cool. 😉

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