ht Think Progress & Taos News

Geezum Pete.  Don’t these Hispanic folks see the letters in WHITtEn Inn…which is obviously code talk for Brown Outt.

All the new owner Larry Whitten was trying to do was whiten up the atmosphere at his resort.   What’s wrong with Marcos going by Mark or Bill?  Is it really too much to ask that employees speak English-only.

You know what I think when a tech support person in India tells me her name is Tammy-Ray?  You big fat fibber.

Well, now Larry has a genuine protest underway by the people terminated…which just has him mystified.

I shoulda just lumped Larry with Rush under the title, “Today in Bigots.”   Oh, well.


6 thoughts on “Mexicans Too Mexicany in New (-Ahem-) Mexico

  1. Personally, I want supermarkets to get rid of all those confusing names for different kinds of pasta and just everything “noodles”.

    Apropos of nothing, a friend of mine moved to the Dallas area from London. As she was being carted around various neighborhoods by the real estate agent, she asked how diverse the area was. Without blinking an eye, the agent replied, “Oh, we have all kinds here — Baptists AND Episcopalians.”

    The agent was not being ironic.

    • Just look at Whitey’s frowny face on the youtube still shot. Looks like he’s gonna cry. Pity to be so misunderstood. 😦

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