FEMA Sucks
FEMA Sucks Balls

If only I wasn’t saving for Christmas!  Then I too could bid on a FEMA trailer.

The U.S. government hauls out the props of human suffering for a fourth auction of the nasty ass travel trailers that served as living quarters for so many after Hurricane Katrina.

This is just a tad tackier than us selling our flooded Katrina cars to South American car dealers.  A tad.

I had the pleasure of staying for two days in one of these pieces of shit.  My mom and I, two of my sons and my then 7 year old brother visited my sister and her four kids.  (Yes, that was 10 of us.)  Knobs fell off, stove threw sparks randomly, the occasional propane leaks.  Ahhhh, the good ol’ days.

Well, now these pieces of shit can now be yours.  488 of ’em.

Over the past three weeks, the government has sold 1,461 trailers in Mississippi.


7 thoughts on “Yay! FEMA Auctions Souvenirs of Suffering

  1. Didn’t the CDC handle that whole formaldehyde thing swimmingly well, “Yall better fuckin’ move out before it gets hotter. That makes poison levels worse!”

    Those poison trailers cost taxpayers $2.4 billion. And Gulf Stream Coach KNEW about the formaldehyde poisoning problem when they were slapping the pieces of shit together: priceless.

  2. Shaking my head in disbelief with, essentially Round 2, of the continuing Katrina mess (an ill-prepared response in Round 1, and now the audacity to rub salt deeper into the wound). One can hope and pray that we are better prepared for the next major hit along the Gulf Coast.

    Hope all is well, Melissa. Have a super weekend.

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