Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!  Projecting much????

After an eight year love affair with the Bush White House, the Fox News bed is now cold.  Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday cried a good ten minutes over being a wallflower with analysts, former Bush senior advisor Karl Rove and former Clinton campaign advisor Terry McAuliffe.  The Obama administration won’t dance.

McAulliffe blames the current administration’s aversion to Fox on the network’s calling Obama a racist and its refusal to air the speech on health care during prime time (Fox aired something like “So You Think You Can Dance.”)

But Karl Rove brings the funnies by comparing Obama to Nixon and accusing the White House of having an enemies list.   Rove would know about enemies lists!   It’s hysterical unless you remember the people who suffered political prosecution and/or persecution in the Bush Justice Department under the guidance of Rove:

The Bush Administration gave Fox News unfettered access and dictated Fox’s talking points. Dick Cheney boasted that he only watched Fox.


11 thoughts on “Obama Like Nixon According to Rove

  1. Americans enemies is the extreme right who cry about the condition the country is in as being the fault of President Obama when it was under George W. Bush & Dick Cheney all of this happen. The President is trying to clean up the crap they left.

    The Real Enemies list consists of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and FOX News Clue’s. These are the true enemies of truth and peace. Why not just let justice run it’s course and toss Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush into jail for their war crimes, election tampering, and let me not mention the events around 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. A hurricane can’t be prevented like a terrorist attack, but both offered warnings.



  2. karl rove looks more and more like a cartoon character every day. by the way, how often did karl appear on hardball or countdown?

    p.s. i wonder how embarrassed mike wallace is every time his son opens his mouth and lets the stupid out.

  3. wow… termerity, arrogance, indignant… sounds like Frank Luntz coaching Carl Rove in front of a mirror, LOL

    SNL should be fun to watch… SNL does have a Carl Rove character, right?

    • Haven’t seen a Rove character on SNL that I remember though Darryl Hammond could pull off a great one. Rove would be a great contestant in Evil Jeopardy.

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