Can you find Meghan McCain's Hidden Rack?

Can you find Meghan McCain's Hidden Hooters?

If you keep abreast of social media, then you have probably heard about McCainBlogette’s Mamm-Cam shot.  The U.S. senator’s daughter and twitter socialite “spontaneously” wanted to show everyone the latest book she was curling up with.

…and NOT her mutant cartoon rack, dammit!

Catcall and condemnation tweets ensued until the young McCain was forced to consider deleting her twitter account.  And she bemoans,

“…what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment.”

Meghan McCain defended her tweetpic in a post today on “The Daily Beast” with a very, very intellectual title: Don’t Call Me a Slut.

All she was trying to do is show she is so “dorky” for not partying on a Wednesday night.

For more on Twitter-tittergate go here or here.

To see an even BIGGER view of Meghan McCain’s cans the game, click here.


10 thoughts on “The Meghan McCain Booby Find Game

    • “Tata for now” would have been a better headline for Meghan’s article.

      I knew you’d have to get at least one off your chest. 😉

    • That’s why I added her cleavage to Kirk Douglas’ chin and the Mexican salamander’s face, GW…for you. Now the cleavage in the fetus’ tummy and leg, that happened because her boobs started to look like a giant fetus with picture in front of me for 20 minutes or so.

      Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Tee-hee. “Cans.”

    On the plus side, at least she’s not a shrill purveyor of hate (Coulter/Malkin) and/or paranoia (Liz Cheney).

    And, in closing, “cans”. (Yes, we cans?)

    • Pfffft! Indeed, we cans! You make an excellent point and chivalrous gesture. Ms. McCain has only been in my peripheral vision, but she seems like a fine, young conservative commentator. (Hey, Karl Rove annoys the fuck out of her….she must know something)

      She just wants to have her cake and eat it, too. When you take risks, you can get burned. Period. May she never devolve to a Mann Coulter or a vicious toy terrier.

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