This just in…

The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson is still nuts.   During this segment devotees call in and ask Pat just about anything under the sun, I guess.  A caller inquires about the potential dangers of canola oil.

First Pat is discombobulated that canola oil is made from RAPEseed. You drink it and you’re being raped.


What’s freakier? The rape reference or the drinking oil reference?

And everything that follows is false.

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6 thoughts on “Pat Robertson: Still Batshit Crazy

  1. I once was forced to listen to this nut case while doing a repair job at someone’s home. I was shocked at the “expertise” on just about anything. People emailed all manner of questions, and with a straight face, he just rattled off his “wisdom.” It wasn’t quite Clockwork Orange, but it felt pretty close. Heck, they could have at least played some Beethoven in the background. Narcissus had nothing on this clown.

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