Conservatives to Obama, "Die, you and your fancy prize!!!!"

Conservatives to Obama, "Die, you and your fancy prize!!!!"

So, what’s that foul wind on the air in America today?  Why it’s no more than the hot, nasty breath of conservatives huffing and puffing over President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.


Limbaugh asserts the award is a diabolical plot by the international community to stop a surge in Afghanistan.

“Affirmative Action,” decries Erick Erickson of Red State dot Shit Fer Brains.

“What has President Obama actually accomplished?” marvels RNC chair Michael Steel.

And the RNC in a front of united douchebaggery made this statement:

It is unfortunate that the president’s star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights.”

Former UN jester Michael Bolton says, “He should decline.”

Fox News tool Bill Kristol gnashes his teeth, “Shoulda gone to John McCain.”

And the very, very, very, very conservative Taliban calls the prize, “Unjust!”

In fairness to them all, it can’t be pleasant having your balls cut off.

Disclaimer: Senator John McCain congratulated the President noting, “He now has even more to live up to.”  And Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) also offered Obama congratulations.


12 thoughts on “Waaaaah, Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize…

  1. I’m not surprised by the republican Haters reponse to the news POTUS won the Nobel Peace Prize, because that’s just what they do, but I am suprised by the so called liberals/progressives who say President Obama doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because he hasn’t “done enough” and other such nonsense.

    • Hey, Redeye! 🙂 I think it’s cool he won. His success and recognition are America’s success and recognition. We voted him in. It’s that simple.

      I remember a speech by Michelle Obama. She said something along the lines of …if we elect Obama, instantly our reputation around the world will change. And she was right.

      And Obama has a normal human view on Muslims and doesn’t use nonsensical words like “islamofascist” and peeance freeance.

  2. NOBEL PRIZE: Good Is The New Bad If Connected To Obama

    Among my favorites of course are DownWithTyranny, TheJoshuaBlog, WriteChicPress, ProgressiveNation, and believe it or not MichelleMalkin. However, I’ve never commented on Malkin’s blog and I suspect that is due to my mother teaching me very early on in life that if I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all. DAMN IT MOM! BUT SHE’S A SKANK HO! (Chico’s Mom: You get into that bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap. Get marching little mister and just wait until your father get’s home! – We did not raise you to go around calling crazy bitches “skank ho’s! – My goodness garcious!)
    But I digress……

    • Ha! 🙂

      You know Michelle Malkin linked to me once, and I was terrifed, certain her next move would be to track me down and disembowel me with her teeth….skank ho that she is.

  3. the rethugs have a knee-jerk reaction to anything obama. what can they hope to accomplish this time ’round? they can do their bitching and moaning over at faux news and preach to the choir, but what will they say when the rest of the media reminds them that obama didn’t exactly award the nobel prize to himself. when he announces which charities will share the prize money, the rethugs will look even pettier.

    • Obama could raise the dead, and Republicans would demand he apologize for the losses to the funeral industry.

      And you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama put some of that money in a conservative based charity…just to show there are no hard feelings. And that too could even become mock-worthy!


    I am so sick and tired of people behaving this way.
    There is simply NO way you can look at this — an American … an American president — winning the Nobel Peace Prize at ANY time for ANY reason and say that it’s not a good thing.
    Jesus fucking Christ almighty!!!!

    Oh — and very nice points on LIAC by the way. Some people will never – ever – be moved by logic though. But you get mad props for trying 😉

  5. Yesterday, Monday the 12th, I punished my ears for an hour listening to E.J. Dionne, Dianne Rehm and some other MSM Tool blather on and on overanalyzing this thing. Of course, strychnine in their coffee would have provided relief to my ears, but, as zombies will do (they take up for one another, you know, all inclined to “fill the gaps”, as it were, for their fallen comrades), three more Media Swine would’ve just climbed over the slumped-over bodies and continued on with the, ahem, conversation.

    No, they couldn’t just bring themselves to embrace parsimony and say anything akin to: “What’s with these petulant sore losers? How craven and 4-year-oldish can they *be*?!”

    • Having had a few days to just take in the garbage, it just seems all the more rubbishy. To every person that said, “Earn it.” I wonder what ground he or she stands on? Who can say they addressed millions reflectively on the subject of race in America? Who can say they ordered a prohibition on torture, the closing of CIA black sites and Guantanamo Bay on their first day as American president?

      That is something remarkable for a new guy.

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