TV journalist Veronica de la Cruz mourns her brother who died on July 4th of this year, but grief only fuels her determination to help get meaningful health care reform for all Americans.  She appeared this week on Fox in Los Angeles to tell her brother’s story.  Eric was waiting for a heart transplant when he passed away.  He had been diagnosed five years earlier with severe dilated cardiomyopathy.  Veronica staged an extraordinary campaign to raise money for the surgery via social media.

Glamour Magazine (November 2009 issue) also picked up the story:

Telling Eric's Story

Telling Eric's Story


4 thoughts on “De La Cruz Making News

  1. What an inspiring story. Have to give her two thumbs up for having the courage to do her part to make a difference. Cheers!

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Melissa.

  2. The young man’s trial before he died could happen to almost any American. Miss De La Cruz may not think of her efforts as heroic, but no other word comes to mind.

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