A teacher of mine used to say, “Ideas without Examples are empty.  Examples without Ideas are blind.”    MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann applied the adage masterfully in his Special Comment on health care.  The idea was health care for all.  The example drew from stories in Olbermann’s own life, his father’s recent hospitalization, his observation of a woman being told at the pharmacy that her benefits have been exhausted, and more.  Olbermann rightly observes the insurance industry’s war on Americans.  We suffer, we die, we remain at their mercy that they may prosper, and it is so wrong.

Every minute is worth watching.


8 thoughts on “Special Comment on Health Care Reform

  1. RE: Healthcare – You would think that keeping a person alive and healthy (and working) for as long as possible would be in any politicians (anywhere) best interest. The number ONE thing to look after – the health of their constituents. After all, it is we who pay for their lavish salaries and perks. Also, (they would need to ensure the health and well-being of) the lobbyists who helps to top their salaries up.

    • And you’d think writing insurance policy that amounts to a death sentence for the sick, would be illegal! I’ve heard the line trotted out, “but insurance companies are in business to make money.” The conflict of interest is just too stinking obvious.

  2. I think caring about their constituents only goes about as far as they care if you vote for them… after that, they don’t care at all.

    • I think you’re right, Sasha. Socrates/Plato said something along the lines that those who rule ought not be lovers of the task…which I believe is an attempt to account for the corruptibility of those who aspire to positions of power.

      The remedy might then be to drag our representatives kicking and screaming to the task. 😉

  3. Mangaged to catch a brief viewing of the healthcare system in the Netherlands on PBS – we get PBS here occasionally – their system SEEMS fairly fair, but would require further investigation. Don’t know the population stats there vs. 310million in the U.S. Might work here with 22mil.

    • Population size will test whatever legislators come up with, but so long as they come up with a plan that does not mock “all men are created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” (as the status quo does), then that’s a start.

  4. KO hit this one out of the park. Anyone who’s neither enraged or tearful (or both) after that might want to check his/her pulse. Just make sure that you’re insured first.

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