Musing on the current state of the health care debate–

There is an inherent conflict between the for-profit interest and the best quality patient care.

Medical insurance as part of the health care product generally detracts from the quality of the product, especially if the consumer becomes sick.

The insurance industry has written the current health care reform bills in Congress.

People can bank on the fact that the insurance industry did not write the health care reform bills in the public interest.

So it seems that President Obama’s mandate to keep private insurance as part of the equation because it is such a significant part of the economy is another bailout, a homage to “Too Big To Fail,” and a massive big business welfare plan in the making.

This leaves the poor and the sick in the same position they are now…at the mercy of the insurance industry.

The pitiful public option that will jump and/or has jumped on the coattails of these bills will be the dumping ground for insurance industry cast offs.

And under these conditions, a public option cannot succeed.

I wanna be wrong; so, please feel free to chime in…


8 thoughts on “Real Change in Health Care

  1. You ain’t wrong, Doll.

    The fact that the PNHP doctors and almost each and every proponent of a Single Payer system were not allowed in this “Health Reform” meeting says it all.

    It is also telling that this “meeting” was Obama speaking his usual BS with no discussion.

    And may the Sheople say amen?

  2. First of all, the public option isn’t a make or break for me , but as a pragmatist, I would hope for something that addresses the issue of coverage and costs.

    The realistic side of me knows that our legislators on both sides of the aisle will act in line with the various special interests that float their boat.

    Since the lines were drawn long ago, I must wonder what is going on with the ongoing negotiations. hmmm … let’s see … get something for themselves …. get something for the lobbys they represent …. AND this includes Republicans who will vote NO … and that will leave us with an expensive bill that will not solve the problem at hand.

    In general, Congress is quite pathetic.

    • Congress is now Owned and controlled by Big Money, after George W/Chaney Big Money takeover.
      Reagan Began it. George W reversed Clinton Record Federal Surpluses, Business Boom, Full employment

  3. If you wanna be wrong, then you’re wish is coming true! I hope I’m wrong too! When I saw the president surrounded by hundreds of white coats, I feared the worst that he had to be taken away. Then I was happy to find out it was a prelude to Haloween, and VP Biden was dressing up as a general also. It’s great to see the President playing doctor.

  4. i really dont understand you health system in america.
    our uk nhs is free healthcare for all. we pay a tax to cover the cost. We seem to be the only country that has this

    • Kseverny, Most European Union, and Canadian Provinces have Nationall One Payer or highly Regulated Pivate Health Coverage: Germany and Switzerland.
      Even Mexico just began National Health Coverage, for Pregnant Women, to fight their Higher than USA Infant Death rate.

  5. THE problem Obama and staff are Avouiding, making Worse is that the USA pays TWICE as much of our Budget, and Twice as much per-capita on the Health-Care Big Business than the Next highest spending country. Than the Next highest spending, which has National/Provincial One Payer, or highly Regulated private Universal Coverage.

    Big Money Owns and Rules DC, Congress after the All Biggest Money controlling George W Bush UNELECTED Presidency. Several thousand Democratic Votes in Republican controlled Counties were Prevented, or Not Counted by local Republican Controlls.

    When the Party Line (Illegal) Supreme Court Decision in Bush v. Gore ordered Stopping any more counting of Florida votes, BUSH WAS AHEAD BY ONLY 87 Votes out of Millions in Florida, according to Gore Lawyer THEN, immediatelly.

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