ht Anne Frank Channel

On July 22, 1941, a neighbor of Anne Frank married.   This is just before the Frank family was forced into hiding to avoid Nazis who occupied the Netherlands in World War II.  The teenage writer can be seen leaning out of the window of her house in Amsterdam looking on at the festivities.  This is the only time Anne Frank was captured on film.


3 thoughts on “Anne Frank on Film

  1. i saw this the other day, and it gave me chills. the normalcy of the scene was so stark, especially because we know what was to follow.

    i could swear that a photo of her leaning over the balcony had been printed before. i don’t know where or when, but a memory bell rang when i saw the video.

    • It’s brief, but there was a striking familiarity. For me, it might be the way she swings around in the film. Her head is tilted in a lot of photos giving her the look of being in motion or getting ready to say something.

      What a treat though. 🙂

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